GRANT  TAYLOR: 11/11/06
          114 lb - 8 POINT
          64 5/8" Gross - 61 5/8" Final

Grant has become a good friend over the last three

He is a professional photographer so I felt kind of funny
taking his picture.

Last year Grant volunteered to take a group picture of
our State Champion Creekwood shooters and he did a
bang up job.

Chris Rueby (our Horse/fawn picture donator) made us
a huge print of Grant's photo which we absolutely
love at Creekwood.

This is Grants second year bowhunting.

Last year he took a deer in his home state of Vermont.

This is his first NY State deer. He was hunting in
Canandaigua, NY.

He made a thirty seven yard shot and his Montec 125
grain G5 broadhead did the deed.

This is a self picture Grant at the seen of the harvest.