DOMINIC  DiVIDIO: 11/11/06
          111 lb - 9 POINT
          69 3/8" Gross - 65 7/8" Final

For anyone who has been to Creekwood in the last three
months, this is the Kettle Corn guy. He makes the absolute
best Kettle Corn in the whole world.

If you need Kettle Corn for any function let us know at
Creekwood and we will hook you up, or call Koaoa's
Old Time Kettle Korn at (585) 621-0649.

Dominic is a new customer at Creekwood but has many
friends who have been customers for a long time.

He purchased a new Hoyt Trykon and as he put it; "It
did the job". He comes in a lot with his grandson, Auston.

Auston was kind of upset with PAPA because he said
he wasn't going to get the buck mounted. He tried to
explain about all the huge bucks he already had mounted,
but Auston didn't want to here it. He also didn't understand
why if PAPA was going to Creekwood, why he couldn't
shoot. Dominic harvested this buck in Savana, NY. It
was a twenty yard shot and:


It is even good for me because right now while working
on the WEB SITE, I am eating his Kettle Corn.