CORY  RATH: 10/15/06
          128 3/4 lb - 6 POINT
          48 6/8"

When Cory came in, I told him I didn't think he
was in the contest. I was wrong. He left his
winnings here from a previous year to pay his
entry fees. Cory bringing in deer has been going
on for a lot of years.
I don't believe there has been
a single year since he could first bow hunt that
he hasn't taken a deer with his bow.

Cory and his MOM have come in with usually
one or more deer every year.

MOM has a different coat on this year, but the
smiles are the same.

I'm trying to remember what color his sweatshirt
and her blouse was. These digital cameras are
really something. 

Cory took this buck at a camp in Hornell.

This young man had a dream of becoming a conservation
officer, but the income potential of jobs leading up to
profession got the better of him and he is in the airline
business now.