BOB  DEVITO: 11/12/06
          177 1/4 LB 13 POINT
          148 1/8"

In 1999 a bowhunter named Sam Gruttadaurio killed the
biggest buck ever in CREEKWOOD'S deer contest. His buck
scored 146 5/8" and was taken in Webster, NY.

This buck has held it's number one position for seven
years. As everyone knows records are made to be
broken, and broken it is.

This is a SMILE that all my deer hunting customers
dream about.

There are only two ways you can get a smile like this.

The first way is just to be lucky and that doesn't take
much talent, but it does take some get up and go. You
can't harvest a deer unless you get up and go hunting.

The other way is Bob's way; and that is to become a
deer hunting sick'o. A sick'o is a person who does
whatever it takes to get the job done. He was telling
me about this hunt and also telling me about the food
plots he is putting in next year.

It is a person who trusts himself enough to go with his
gut feelings. This year Bob knew there were two nice
bucks in his hunting area. The one he harvested he had
never seen, but his hunting buddies had. The other one,
"only a 10 point" he had seen a number of times. Bob
decided he was due and the only way he could take a
big buck was to pass every thing smaller.

So that's what he did. I believe he said he had passed
16 different bucks before he took this one. He took it
in Avoca, NY with his PSE bow and a Montec TEKAN
broadhead he purchased at Creekwood.

He was hunting a different stand, things seemed to be
going slow so he decided to go hunt a stand called "The
Driveway". This spot had been good to him in the past
so out of his stand he went and off to "The Driveway".

"The Driveway" is a triple oak in which one trunk is
dead. Bob is the type of hunter who talks to his favorite
trees. As a matter of fact when he took his stand down
he told the tree what a wonderful job it had done over
the years and gave the tree a big hug.

He grunted this buck in and his shot was only 12 feet.
Have you practiced a 12 foot shot? He is going to have
the buck mounted by Art Fritz of Fin, Fur and Feather
Taxidermy who does all of Bob's work. His wife is a big
supporter of his and I think this helps Bob in his success. 

He is no stranger to CREEKWOOD'S Deer Contest.

Here are some more pictures of Sam's seven year
Creekwood record buck for biggest rack.

Sam, I refuse to think of you now as number two, but
rather the old number one. And I don't mean old in years.
Your hair has to be white like mine to be old in years.
Sam, take a picture of your wife and kids now with your
mount, and E-Mail it to me so people can see what five
years can do to a family. I'll bet that little guy ain't so little
any more. You had a great rein at number one bud.