BEN  &  CHRIS  FLUGEL: 11/5/06
           100 lb Doe

 On Nov. 5th the car ahead of them hit a doe which ran off
and then collapsed in a field. They had there bows with them
so they went out and put her out of her misery. They even
used one of there doe tags to tag her. Just before this picture
was taken they had made a outstanding attempt to talk me
into letting them enter this doe in our deer contest. I told
them I didn't think it was exactly fair chase, but I would
put there picture on the WEB site.

Ben and Chris are a couple of great guys. They have been bow
hunting for a number of years. These twin brothers were
Hilton High Schools secret weapon for a number of years in
football, wrestling and track and field. They work hard to hone
there hunting skills. They are both working for Wegmans and
are good workers.