108 LB DOE

The first deer with a bow. But not just any bow.

This deer was taken with a traditional bow, using a cedar arrow, tipped with a Bear Razorhead. Fred Bear would be proud, but 
probably not as proud as his dad in the picture. The apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.

Tylers dad, Marc Garrison, by his side in the picture is a NYS Bowhunter Education Instructor. He has given a lot back to the sport of archery. ON 10/16/05 in the Town of Kendall, NY at 7:30 am, a partial payment to him by way of his son's achievement. I CAN REMEMBER HOW IT FELT FOR ME. Hunting brings real value to life. You have to have common sense. You learn about the balance of all things in nature. You experience both life and death. But most of all you learn how to control your emotions.