161 1/2 lb 9 Point
                    86 4/8"

So Tim comes in the shop to get some arrows fixed and says, "What have you got in a real nice shooting short bow?" I said, "I have just what you are looking for, it's a Martin Altitude".

He shot it, said I'll take it, can I pick it up tomorrow? I said sure, and he did.

Now it's nine days later and he walks in the shop with his friend Todd Clay and said, I don't like the bow and I want to trade it.

As you can see he has a beard, but the beard isn't thick enough to hide his dimples and I could see the dimples were working. I said what's the problem?

He said, I shot at this real nice buck and the arrow stuck right in the ground. I said WHY? He said I don't know, I went over to the arrow and it was just as white as my hand. At which point he held out his hand to me which was all covered with blood.

If you see these two guys they are not to be trusted. They will pull your chain any time they get a chance.