SHAWN  BUTLER - 11/05/05
                        121 1/4 lb - 6 POINT
                         47 3/8"
Shawn says, "I LOVE BOWHUNTING", a lot.

His son in the background was giving him a little heat because he had already taken a deer this year with his bow.

Shawn says, "I LOVE BOWHUNTING", maybe I won't gun hunt any more.

His 125 grain G5 broadhead on the front end of his FEATHER fletched arrow out of his Oneida Eagle Bow did the job.

This was not his first deer taken with a bow, but it is his first buck taken with a bow.

Shawn says, "I LOVE BOWHUNTING", I love the quietness of the woods, I love the friendships I share because of bowhunting. Shawn says, "I LOVE BOWHUNTING"

Shawn says, "I LOVE BOWHUNTING". I'm going to fill all my tags with a bow this year. It was kind of a warm day today. Notice the bags of ice inside the body cavity keeping those tenderloins nice and cool. Shawn says, "I LOVE BOWHUNTING".