10/28/05 - 126 3/4 lbs
            6 Point - 79 7/8"

|It's 3:00 pm and I am heading for a doctors appointment and I am late. Ron goes by and waves and I think to myself; "If I was Ron, I would be hunting".

 Well aparently he had the same thin in mind, because at 5:45 he arrowed this nice six point.

It was a 25 yard shot and the buck only went 60 yards.

 He used a 100 grain G5 Montec broadhead which did the job just fine.

His son-in-law, Tige Noni came down with Ron and enjoyed the celebration.

Ron left a message on his son Jeffs phone, "Well I'm walking away from a gut pile", so I bet the phones will be ringing tonight.

As most of you know, Ron works at Creekwood. If he has worked on your bow, all your excuses have been eliminated.

He is a great person, a great employee, and a good friend.

Like I always say, "LIFE  IS  GOOD !"