RICKY SMITH - 11/4/05
                        120 lb 9 Point
                        85 0/8"

It's 7:30 in the morning. Ricky is set up in his tree saddle.

It's a nice day in Letchworth except for the deer who comes anywhere near Ricky's stand.

The shot is 10 yards. The Buck only goes 25 yards and Ricky's 100 grain G5 broadhead has done it's job.

WHAT !, the buck didn't know is Rick is deadly with his bow.

Silly, silly deer. He should have known better.

When we were weighing it, Rick guessed 120 lbs right on the money. It's to bad he wasn't on the price is right. He would have won both showcases. Ricky is a winner who hunts hard and reaps the rewards. This is his forth 9 Point he has taken.

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