159 1/4 lb 7 Point - 95 6/8"

Pete wasn't going to hunt on this next to last day of the NY bow season, but everyone he needed to talk with was out hunting, so you might just as well go kill something. Today it was deer. Tomorrow morning it will be ducks.

NOTICE: If you are a game animal, don't go where Peter goes, because your going gets changed into a dirt nap.

Pete was naturally in his Tree Saddle, up about 20 feet, in a tree that had a conventional tree stand in it below him.

The buck came down the trail, looked up at the empty stand and thought, life is good.

The only thing the buck didn't know was hiding around the back side of the tree was the dealer of the dirt nap.

It was a text-book 12 yard shot at 4:20 pm and his G5 broadhead did it's job.

Pete got to climb down and try to get warm dealing with his beautiful buck. It was a snowy, cold, super day at the bucks funeral.