JOSH  OYER: 10/15/05
                           131 1/4 LB
                           7 POINT - 63 1/8"

This is a young hunter who is hunting with the right people. When you pick quality hunting partners, it rubs off and great things happen.

A well placed 10 yard shot in Webster, NY (Where life is worth living and the water sucks), but, LIFE IS REALLY GOOD !

What a great day, and what a proud dad.

Hunting with my two son's were the best hunting days of my life. What a fortunate man Barry Oyer is, hunting with his two sons,
Josh and Mark.

The pictures below were E-Mailed to me by Josh's friend Sam Greuttadaurio who just happens to be the all time record holder for rack in Creekwood Archery's Deer Contest. Good choice for a hunting partner Josh.