JOSH BRONGO - 10/31/05
                    144 lb 8 POINT BUCK - 89 7/8"

Josh looks pretty serious in this picture. The reason is, he is a real serious hunter and he had just taken his own personal best with a bow.

He is a hard worker when it comes to preparation for the hunt. "Those who do the work get the pay." it was a S A 22 yard shot and the deer only went 65 yards. It was a great day in Spencerport where preparation paid off.

 What a nice 8 Point Buck. I would be tickled to death to harvest a similar deer. Josh will enjoy this day over and over again in his mind for many years to come. I'm positive in future years he we take larger deer, (It runs in his family) but he will never forget this one.

 The closer we get to bow season the more we see Josh in the shop. He practices to the point where there are no stones left un-turned.

 Josh has his own landscaping business and I have a feeling he works at his business the same way he hunts. A persons pride in what he does shows and Josh's attitude is always super.

 Here is Josh with his friend Brett Moreland, who is in first place currently with a 135 pound Doe. It's funny how good hunters hang around with good hunters. Josh says he knows of 4 Does which will beat Brett's Doe. Stay tuned for a further update on that statement.