JOHN BROZAK - 11/15/05
                    122 lb 5 Point

Life at deer camp has been windy and wet this year, but a very good year for John. Most all of his friends have gotten deer already this year so he is at camp alone.

This morning it was up way before light as usual. It didn't matter that it was raining cats and dogs. It is a day John waits for all year.

As he said, "I go to work even if I'm pukeing so that I can have my full four weeks vacation for deer season".

He started off for his spot just by chance the rain would break. Waited in the truck for a while and it quit. On a 35 minute walk to his stand he jumped a nice buck and then found 5 or 6 deer under his stand. At this point he was not happy.

He put his scent out, put his fanny pack back on and was preparing to climb the tree when he heard something coming. He saw it was a doe being followed by a buck. He quick got his release on, got a arrow nocked and came to full draw.

The doe went by, the buck came by, John grunted loud to stop him, the buck stopped, it was a 10 yard shot, a sergon couldn't have placed the arrow any better, and
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