JEFF ALLEN - 11/4/05
            184 lb - 8 Point Buck
            101 7/8"

This is Jeff's best bow buck and I want to tell you it is a beauty. I wish I could show it to you.

This is the only picture I took like the dummy I am. Remember the tornado warnings and the 40 - 50 mile an hour winds, rain etc on 11/6/05. That's when we were scoring his buck, trying to keep the camera and paper dry. Jeff, I apologize. If you have any digital pictures, E-mail them to me and I will get them on the WEB. People would enjoy seeing your buck. He was awesome.

He is taking it to his friend Bill Yox to have it mounted. Bill is the number 1 Whitetail taxidermist in the world. It was very symmetrical and had lots of good mass. Jeff killed it on Friday out of Dick Beehlers stand, and we didn't weigh it till Sunday so it had dried out a bit before we got it on the scale. I guessed it at 209 and was wrong by a whole bunch.