JAKE SWANSON - 11/05/05
            118 1/4 lb 8 Point - 74 6/8"

Well I predicted Jake would be in here last week and here he is in living color.

Is that the look of a proud dad or what?

The second year bowhunting and as he put it, "My first real buck".

Last year Jake took a button buck.

Jake helped us out a little bit last summer at Creekwood with some outside work.

He is a fine young man.

Mom in the picture said, "Cool Beans Jake", what ever that means. Dad said, "Cool Beans is a Bergen thing. What ever the derivation of Cool Beans is, I'm sure by the look on mom's face is "Cool Beans" is a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say.

I believe the average bowhunter kills a deer every nine years. Some of my customers harvest all the deer they have tags for. So the real average is probably more like 12:1 or 14:1. JAKE, has two years hunting and two deer.