163 1/2 lb 8 Point
                     97 6/8"
He's Back! This year he has the supreme commander with him. That's MOM of course.

We didn't get her to shoot a bow today, but we did get her to touch the deer, which I guess was a first.

Duane was a first place winner last year.

This buck puts him in 2nd place for weight and 3rd place for rack but it's not over yet.

We have six more days to go in the contest.

Duane is been kind of bummed out this year over loosing his favorite hunting spot. He has been working out of town a lot. He is a well driller and every where he has been working he has been watching real nice bucks and of course he can't leave the rig and go off hunting, so frustration has been high on his list.

Then came today and he saw four different bucks. The first three were turned off my some scent he had left over from last year, so he got down and put the scent away. A while later he grunted and caned in this nice eight point and made a perfect shot on it, on a new piece of ground he has permission to hunt.