KURT  KREMMIN: Adult (19 and Up)
             10/16/04 - 4 POINT BUCK
                                   - 121 lbs
                          10/19/04 - 71 1/4 POUND DOE

Kurt is a real intense hunter. He hunts with a
Oneida Eagle bow so we had a lot in common
right off the bat.

I had been missing him around the shop and
unknown to me he was in the service. The service
has a way of making people grow up real quick.
He walked out of my shop one day a young kid and
came back in the door a man, married with a son
named Hunter.

I thank him for his service. What ever they taught
him in the service didn't seem to hurt his hunting

By the haircut, I think he is ready to re-enlist.

He said, life gets busy when you have a family.

Welcome to the real world, but,