JESSE  STEARNS: Adult (19 and Up)
                            11/7/04 - 107 LB DOE

At 2:00 or so the boss said, "At 3:30 we are out
of here". The property they hunt is in a suburban
area. There is a church next door with a boundary
fence. The deer there are trained to run back
toward the house so you don't have to drag them
so far. At the end of the day, they both had their
deer. Jesse with this nice doe and his boss with
a nice 8 point.


For a living Jesse is a cook so if you get him to invite
you over for dinner, I bet it will be good. Jesse wanted
to give Creekwood all the credit for him getting his
deer. We did provide and set up his bow, but he is the
one that got the job done.