AL VIEARA JR: Adult (19 and Up)
                  11/2/04 - 8 POINT BUCK
- 153 3/4 lbs - 118 1/8"

This was the largest buck brought into Creekwood during
the 2004 regular bow season. Al wasn't in the contest so
it's a Wooda-Coulda-Shoulda buck. #1 is a good thing !


I have been weighing and scoring deer at Creekwood
for nine seasons. I have seen a lot of proud excited
hunters but Al is different.

Al shot this buck on Wednesday and didn't retrieve
it until Thursday. Wednesday night there wasn't much
sleeping time so Thursday he was a little punchy on
top of being totaled on excitement to take such a nice

When telling me about the hunt, he said, "Ben I
tracked this buck all day tomorrow", I said, "You
mean you got him tomorrow !, Friday? Al said "Yea,
---a--- no, I mean you got me, no today, we found him
today, but isn't he nice. As you can see, this buck
could get anyone's motor running.

If you remember Vieara's Bate and Tackle on Lyell
Avenue years ago, Al is one apple that didn't fall
very far from the tree. He loves to hunt and fish. His
grandfathers brother Augie, showed me three or four
times how to fillet a pike and take that Y-bone out of it.
He made it look so easy. I never did get the hang of it.

As you can see, they were all excited for Al.


If you can talk Al into making you a venison
meatloaf sandwich your tongue will get so
excited it will slap your brains out. He brought
Marcia & I one. Out of sight !