ALAN  STEPHENS: Adult (19 and Up)
                       11/2/04 - 9 POINT BUCK
- 155 1/4 lbs - 108 7/8"
   DEER CONTEST 2004         

Your looking at a guy who watched this buck tending a doe for one hour and 
|forty five minutes before he could get his shot.

At the exact moment of the shot the bucks nose touched the doe, she bolted, the 
buck ran and Al thought he missed. As you can tell he didn't.


He watched them both run off thru some thick stuff and then into a open hard woods 
where they both bedded down. For the buck who didn't know he was shot, it was a 
long nap.

When I first met Al he was shooting a Onieda Eagle like I shot, so we had a lot in 
common. However he had a scope on it which I thought was kind of whacked out. 
Since then I have changed my mind; he can get the job done.

As you can see this buck is a real sweet-heart.  LIFE IS GOOD !  

I have a feeling this coming year Al is going to take some turkey with a bow.
Of all the customers at Creekwood Al is the biggest sick-o when it comes to
hunting turkeys. I think he hunted them in five states this year.

Al is no stranger when it comes to getting on our deer contest winner board.