- 11/11/03
                                               - 8 Point
                                               - Score 130"

This is the result of QDM. Lots of planning, hard
work, food plots, good friends, and lots of fun pays
results. This is just one of many. Lots of LoPresti's
harvested deer in 2003. Check out Steven LoPresti
Number ONE - FIRST PLACE - Young Adult 2003.

Normally these two are joined at the hip - Blood
brothers made at Creekwood on night. If you need
a house built call Mike. If you need anything they
sell in a deli, call Steve Capizzi, his partner in the
background. I like to keep the money flowing in the
archery world although Steve Capizzi does spend
some of his on golf. I have never understood people
who like to try to hit a target without looking at it.
Archery is much more sensible.