Marcia, Susan and Ron worked on most of the set-up. There was a welcome greeter scar person outside to
                                                            welcome everyone as they got here.
Inside the range was set up in four sections. On the left was the spider set along with the spiders friends. The
next was the moving devil headed bear with his spider web hat on, followed by the pumpkin patch provided
by Mr. Jolley across the street and finally on the right was the ghost shoot with their buddy the super skinny
                                      mummy. By far the moving devil bear was the most popular target.
The kids shot each section twice and then rotated to the next station, until all the kids had shot everything at
                                                                                    least once.


                         Marcia and Susan did pumpkin trivia while all the kids were getting signed in.


Then the shooting began after all the safety rules were explained. The parents were excited to be able to
                                                 stay for the shoot. Usually we throw them out.


After all the kids had shot all the stations we had a break for cider & donuts. During the break we had a bean
bag toss into a big pumpkin face. There were five kids tied for the grand championship pumpkin toss. The
                                       young man who won the prize doubled the second place score.

We ended up the pumpkin shoot with all the kids shooting what ever station they wanted to. That was when
                                                        the moving devil bear really took a beating.


  All the kids got to take a pumpkin home and the parents got to help out consuming the cider and donuts.


                                                                     A good time was had by all.


                     LIFE  IS  GOOD !

        All the shooting sports are an absolute HOOT. Shooting sports are 95% mental which is where the real challenge comes from.
Archery is a personal sport where your results are only accredited to your own personal behavior.  Participation and competition is where you test your mental control and focus. You are really competing against yourself. The result is you learn how to think for yourself, build confidence and create common sense, which isn't very common these days. If your team (YOU & your equipment) does well LIFE IS GOOD !, and if your team does bad you have to go look in the mirror and figure out a fix or be willing to except a fix from the Creekwood staff . You can make archery just fun, or you can make archery an obsession, an incurable sickness. Archery is not as hard as golf because we are allowed to look at our target, but archery is harder on our egos than golf because when we miss a shot it is missed. We don't have three or four more tries to make par.
        Three years ago, Marcia and I went to a concert at the Eastman Theater for one of our shooters from years ago, Tina Naumenko, who was a three time State Champion shooting fingers. Her grandfather told me the confidence she developed with her archery at Creekwood, she applied to everything. What a great compliment to us, but she did it, we didn't. When you stretch yourself to learn a discipline which sometimes goes against the way you are and think, but you learn valuable abilities and traits which you can apply to anything in life.

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