Went to Nationals in Louisville KY 2011

        This is the second year Creekwood has been to the NFAA Nationals. This is a fun city, a fun shoot where you can test yourself against shooters from all 50 states. You kind of start by shooting in a local league. Then you move up by competing in Western NY shoots. The next step would be States followed by the Mid-Atlantics, with the final step for Creekwood shooters SO FAR being The Nationals, or Vegas. So far, none of our shooters have shown an interest in World Championships, but there are people in the state that do. It was great to see the Pros that shot, or helped with our 420 Tournament at Nationals. Christi Colin, Samantha Neil, Jesse Broadwater and Shane Wills all did well at Nationals.

Julie Shaver and Amanda MacDonald, said, "Why in the world do you want us to pose with this
sign?" My answer was of course, for future results. None of us from Creekwood are up to the
$254,000.00 dollar level. On the right is Ron Coyle excepting his second place National Champion
Medal. LIFE  IS  GOOD !

Above is Lauren Goodrich with her Second Place National Metal. We are so very proud of this
Cub Finger Shooter. Watch for her mom, Patrice next year.

This is my new new friend, Curtis XXX in the center of the left picture with his bride, who is
waiting to collect her Trophy Bowl for setting a new national Bearbow finger shooting record
she broke by over 30 points. To the right the Jack Conway colors, which Marcia & I have to
discuss with Jack when we get home. Our Jack isn't into horses as far as we know.

Above is my bride petting her new friend, the Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrel Horse. On
the right are the actual stills used to make the bourbon.
        This was going to be the year where they were going to shoot Creekwood's 420 Target, which I developed back three years ago at the Pro/Am shoot on Saturday night at Nationals. Christi Colin set this up with Diane Watson and we were very excited. Saturday afternoon, Mapleleaf Press became aware of the fact they were going to shoot our 420 target and stopped it. When Diane explained to me the reasons for the change, she asked me why I wasn't upset. I told her the fact that Mapleleaf Press felt threatened made me believe even stronger that the 420 Target has a strong future in competitive archery. Many of the Pros that that were aware of the change of targets became very interested in the 420 target at the shoot the next day. It's just a matter of time before "The Challenge Is Back", with the 420 target in archery.

        Here are some of the pictures taken at Nationals:

On the left is Matt MacDonald who shoots AMBHFS, and is a talented and fun person to be
around. On the right is my good friend Kelly Ward who is a Pro for Mathews, and some day
will come back to Creekwood to do another Shooter School.

Above are Julie and Paul Shaver, two of the top shooters from Creekwood. When they not
shooting archery, they are both racing cars. Paul is my Buffalo Brother.

In the center left picture is my friend Jimmy Despart, who owns Flying Arrow II in the Albany
area, a many time champion. On the right are two Creekwood shooters, Shawn Graves, Brian
Flaherty discussing who knows what with Holly Sidebottom. Holly is a super serious shooter
from the Buffalo area, who is a great archery ambassador.

They had a huge Cub line of great shooters, with some pretty fancy bows.

This guy needs to loose some weight, but I like his shirt. On the right in the center is Ron
Coyle from Creekwood, who took a second at Nationals, Shooting next to that guy with the
nice shirt.

        All the shooting sports are an absolute HOOT. Shooting sports are 95% mental which is where the real challenge comes from. Participation and competition is where you test your mental control and focus. You are really competing against yourself. The result is you learn how to think for yourself, build confidence and create common sense, and finish what you start, which isn't very common these days.

        This winter Marcia and I went to a concert at the Eastman Theater for one of our shooters from years ago, Tina Naumenko, who was a three time State Champion shooting fingers.
                                           This is a picture of Tina and her mom at her event.
        Her grandfather told me the confidence she developed with archery she applied to everything. What a great compliment to us, but she did it, we didn't. When you stretch yourself to learn a discipline which sometimes goes against the way you are, but you learn valuable abilities and traits, which you can apply to anything as she did. One day I asked her grandpa how he was, his reply was, "I'm half right and half left". At Tina's concert he told me about the middle part.????  :-)

        Archery is a personal sport where your results are only accredited to your own personal behavior. If your team (YOU), does well LIFE IS GOOD !, and if your team (YOU), does bad you have to go look in the mirror, and that's when you do grow. You can make archery just fun, or you can make archery an obsession, or an incurable sickness. Archery is not as hard as golf because we are allowed to look at our target, but archery is harder on our egos than golf because when we miss a shot it is missed. We don't have three or four more tries to make par.



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