Creekwood's  420 Target  was born in 2008. It is a copyrighted target, and is in the process of being trademarked. Here is the short version of it's acceptance. In 2010, the NFAA decided to sanction our 420 Pro/Am Tournament as a five point event for the NFAA Pros. This was a major happening for  The 420 Target , and Christie Colin (she is a true archery ambassador) was the person who helped it come about. The NFAA had a four page promotional article about  The 420 Target  and the 420 Pro/Am Tournament in their magazine.  It is our belief  that  The 420 Target  brings challenge to the Pros without hurting the amateur shooters, and this is why we have worked so hard promoting  The 420 Target  as "Bringing the CHALLENGE BACK to Archery" for everyone. Most all the Pros shoot 60X 300's and are bored with the normal target. We have had Pros shoot the our 420 Pro/Am Tournament every year since the beginning of the 420 Tournament. In 2013 Ricky Smith shot a 377 on Friday including a 5 Inside "X" round for 35 points, he did it with 2712's.  The older 420 scores and,  are listed below:

                    I believe in Ladies before Gentlemen, so here are the PROS in that order.
 Christie Colin 2010  -  300 + 53 X's + 25 IX's = 378  -  Pro Female Freestyle Record
Samantha Neal 2011 - 300 + 46 X's + 12 IX's = 358
Samantha Neal 2010 - 299 + 33 X's + 9 IX's = 341
 Jesse Broadwater 2011  -  300 + 59 X's +  42 IX's =  401  - Pro Male Freestyle Record
 Shane Wills 2011  - 300 +  60 X's (:>)They are little(:>)  + 31 IX's = 391
Ricky Smith 2010 - 300 + 49 X's + 29 IX's = 378
Mike Pollard 2011 - 300 + 47 X's + 22 IX's = 369
 Jeff Human 2010  -  300 - 50 X's - 13 IX's = 363  -  Pro Male Bowhunter Freestyle Record
Jeff Human 2010 - 300 - 48 X's - 15 IX's = 363
ChuckCooley 2010 - 300 - 48 X's - 21 IX's = 369

                     The 420 Target  can be shot as a  420 Single Spot Target  or a  420 Five Spot Target . The scoring is similar to the NFAA Blue Faces with the exception of the “X” ring. The center 5 ring is grey with only the SMALLER “X” ring being white. X’s are counted as 6 points and Inside “IX’s” are counted as 7 points. Thus for 5 arrows you have a possible score of 35 points times 12 ends equals 420 points. There is no adding of 6's and 7's. You score it like this. First you write down your score the same as the NFAA target. Then you write down your total number of X's (Both X's & IX's). Then you write down your total number of IX's. The total of those three numbers is your score for that end.
                    After shooting 60 arrows you have four totals. First you have your score which is exactly the same as it would be on the current NFAA blue face. Then you have your total number of X's and the total number of IX's (Inside X's). The sum of these three numbers gives you the fourth total which is your  420 Score  for that game. If it's your Personal Best, LIFE  IS  GOOD !

                    We have had nothing but good comments on the target by all that have shot it, and next year, 2014 will be our 5th Annual 420 Pro/Am. ELITE ARCHERY which has always sponsored The 420 Pro/Am, offers contingency money for winning any class with any of their ELITE BOWS. 
                The  The 420 Target  has been a big step on Creekwood's trip to  "Shoot Em' In The Middle"

                        Christie Colin                                                      Jesse Broadwater

                       Samantha Neal                                                     Jeff Human

                          Shane Wills                                                               Ricky Smith

                                      Mike Pollard