Creekwood Archery has been open for shooting, indoors and outdoors, and for archery retail for 22 years.  What a trip it has been to “Shoot Em In The Middle”.   Over 11,490 new customers have walked into our shop for archery needs of some sort.  The time seems like only a blink until we really reflect on all the years and the wonderful experiences we have had.  Creekwood has been very good to us; but, “there comes a time the Walrus Said", to make way for new adventures.  For example, the 420 Target, The 420 Pro/Am and the Brown & White Horses that need to be played with (not to mention that some of us are getting A LITTLE BIT OLD!!! ).

            So yes, Creekwood Archery is FOR SALE.  As our regular customers know, we have been reducing our shop hours the past few years, and our shooters definitely deserve more.  We are extremely proud of Creekwood and are so thankful for the time we have had with it. Our hope is that it will be allowed to continue for a long time.  There is a gigantic archery market available right now that is not being supported, so thus the opportunity is perfect for someone to take over the reins.

            It takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance to own your own business, but the rewards are well beyond satisfaction.  If you love archery and care about growing the sport, it won’t really seem like work.  Creekwood was started with a dream and an idea.  Now the business is well established, profitable , and certainly holding strong in spite of our reduced hours.  With a full staff and open more days, it will provide a comfortable life style for the new  owner. 

            Perhaps you or someone you know might like to consider owning Creekwood Archery.  If so, please pass along my cell phone, Ben Adams, (585) 217-6981.  I would be glad to talk with them about the endless possibilities.

            Enjoy the rest of your 2018 and "Shoot Em In The MIDDLE".  Stop in when you can and play.