8th Annual 420 Pro/Am Feb, 17th, 18th & 19th 2017:

This is the 8th year that M & T Bank has sponsored our 420 Pro/Am Tournament and we appreciate that very much. This year the Tournament was at Creekwood Archery. We had three different times shooters could shoot. We had nothing but good comments from the shooters. I totally believe in this format, a local archery range for a tournament. Large venues are very expensive. Archers pay a lot to cover the cost of the venue. The amateur shooters in our tournament have a 40% payout and won $408.00, the Pro's have a 75% payout, so the shooters experience a tournament and the shooters get money back instead of all the money going to the venue. Life is good for both the shooters and the venue. Below are pictures from our 8th Annual 420 Pro/Am. Many of these pictures were sent to us. If you have pictures taken at the 420 Pro/Am and would loke us to post them, send them to ben@creekwoodarchery.com or to (585) 217-6981, my cell phone.
Ron Coyle putting up  our banner, getting ready for the event.            Susan Follett made this Welcome Sign.
                                              The welcome sign is up and waiting for the shooters to walk thru this door.
The board is up for the shooters to post their scores & the chairs are waiting for spectators to enjoy their friends & family.

    Friday 7:00pm Line:
        We had one cub on Friday. She was Olivia Stinorth and what a tropper she was shooting with all those adults.
         Olivia picked the Door Prize and  Jeff Meyers won $30.00 and a American Flag Pin. She got some goodies to.
   Ryan Brodesser on the right won his class (Senior Recurve / Traditional) with three in his class. We had a birthday
                      surprise for him, but he and his bride went and got sick on us and haven't been back in yet.

                Yes, That's The M & T Bank banner.                                                     Chris Davis on the right won his class
 We have been Business Banking with them for 23 years                                 (Young Adult Bowhunter Freestyle)
                                                                                                                                             Chris has the potential to be a Pro.
   Friday was are biggest day for Pre-Registration and ended up are smallest day, shooter wise. It makes it interesting 
                                 running a Tournament when 25% of the shooters sign up at the last minute.
                                                                                        Friday's shooting line.

    Saturday 9:00am Line:
                         Do you think our Creekwood kids are relaxed before the competition starts?
                                                                                I think they were.
                    Jocob and Aiden are a couple of smiling units, that can "Shoot Em In The MIDDLE".


                 Jamie Hoffman picking her own                             Saturday is in the books & the range
                winning door prize ticket, $30.00                                 is ready for our Sunday shooters.
                     plus a American Flag Pin. I
                        think she screamed out,
                     "OH MY GOSH, IT'S MINE !!
                                                       Pictures of our Saturday shooting line.

    Sunday 1:00pm Line:





                          This young man placed 7th in Vegas with 98 shooters in his class. That means he can shoot.

    Sunday Youth Awards @ 5:00pm:

                                        Here are some of the winners: Back row left to right:
                                    Chris Davis, , & Jayden
                                                                 Front row left to right:
                                 Jacob Merkel, TJ Calveroso, Brenna Green & Miranda Green
     Audrey Bartholomay didn't think she shot very well           Brenna and Miranda are having a lot of FUN at Creekwood
                        until she found out she WON !                                             and they can "Shoot Em In The MIDDLE" too.
                 This young lady shoots a bow, has a horse, and during the entire Sunday shoot
                 had this little critter in a pouch around her neck. It looked like a chipmunk, only
                 it was black and cream color. I think it is called a Sugar Baby.

Come to Creekwood Archery and experience are 420 target.  It was copyrighted
in 2008 and Trade Marked in 2016. See what it's like to shoot the target that
brings the challenge back to archery, for all shooters, from novice to pro.

See You at our 2018 9th Annual 420 Pro/Am.
  If you are interested in hosting are 9th Annual 420 Pro/Am
      contact Ben Adams @ (585) 217-6981, my cell phone
                     LIFE  IS  GOOD !           

Another saga for  The 420 Target  and its acceptance. Four years ago in 2010, the NFAA decided to sanction our 420 Pro/Am Tournament as a five point event for the NFAA Pros. This was a major for  The 420 Target , and Christie Colin (she is a true archery ambassador) was the person who helped it come about. The NFAA had a four page promotional article on  The 420 Target  and the 420 Pro/Am Tournament in their NFAA magazine. Then, at the 2011 Nationals in Louisville on Saturday night The NFAA Pros and their guests were supposed to be shooting  The 420 Target  at their Pro/Am. At Nationals, Diane Watson and Christie apologized to me, because they were not aware of the agreement between Bruce Cull and Mapleleaf Press. Mapleleaf Press, sponsors the NFAA Nationals and wouldn't allow them to use  The 420 Target  because they didn't print it. It is our belief  that  The 420 Target  brings challenge to the Pros without hurting the amateur shooters, and this is why we have worked so hard promoting  The 420 Target  as "Bringing the CHALLENGE BACK to Archery" for everyone. Mapleleaf Press has a contract with NFAA stating, if they don't print it the Pros don't shoot it. Most all the Pros shoot 60X 300's and are bored with the normal NFAA 5 spot target. We have had Pros shoot the tournament every year for eight years now.

                       The Records on our 420 target are listed below:

                       Other Pro scores are listed below:

The  The 420 Target  has been a big step on Creekwood Archery's trip to what we call, "Shoot Em' In The Middle"
. (George Chapman gave me that phrase, among other things.)