April 6th, 2008

        This was the first major shoot we have hosted at Creekwood. We shot two lines and had 32% of the total shooters that shot at different venues all over the state. People shot here from six different clubs. We had a 8:00am and a 11:00am line with a total of 53 shooters.
        Creekwood would like to challenge everyone in the state to outdo us in number of shooters. Get behind your state (NYFAB) and national (NFAA) organizations.
        We installed a new light system for the shoot which worked sweet. Our antique cow bell to bring the shooters to the line was liked by all the shooters.

The Refs on the 8:00am line were
Paul and Julie Shaver.

The Refs on the 11:00am line were
Ron Coyle and Mike Marini.

Michelle Wright and her boyfriend Kyle Essler are moving to PA where they both have jobs. We are going to miss them and wish them the best in their new future together. In the front is Alli Gurgel who kicked butt in Oneonta at the CD shoot and won a ton of stuff.

Ben and Jim Lomoglio who is one of the major movers and shakers for the entire 5 Nations area of NYS in archery.

We didn't tell anyone one our refs on the 8:00 am line was blind.